My opinion about Revlash

Hi my dear!

Lately I have contacted producers of various cosmetics and among them the distributor of the new eyelash conditionerRevlash. That’s why today’s post will be devoted to this product.

About Revlash:

REVLASH is an unquestioned number one in the World of eyelash conditioners- tested by real women, examined by dermatologists and recommended by bloggers all around the World.

My opinion about Revlash

Revlash decided to meet the 21century women’s expectations and take care of their charming look. Bring out the true depth of our feminine beauty. The eyelash conditioner that is offered by the company is 100% natural which personally, makes me really happy, Their product is intended for  all ladies with short or weak lashes willing to extend or strengthen them .

This week I got the delivery with the product to be testes.

You can purchase the conditioner  here: 

After untying all ribbons and opening the cover.

I smiled to myself as I love attention to detail. On the note I discovered:

The box with a product to which such a pleasant way was led.

In the cartoon I found the eyelash conditioner:

And this conditioner’s task is to regenerate, strengthen and extend my lashes.

I hope that my 3 month treatment will end with the wow EFFECT.

I will share the effects with you in my posts.

For the time being, my eyelashes look like this;

In a month I will write about effects that were achieved thanks to this cosmetic.

 I’m planning to prepare a film with a review to show you effects ‘live’. What do you think about it? :)

Thank you REVLAH for your trust and a possibility to try the product.

Who is going to wait for my results after one month?